“ Our service starts with a consultation of your needs.”


Some affairs are more laid back. Music is the essential ingredient to laying the ground work for class and elegance. Our MCs/ DJs are professionals who understand that proper mix and presentation of the music makes all the difference in creating an ambience of refinement for your event. Call Rocky Mtn Sound if refinement is important to you.

High energy?

Rocky Mtn Sound knows how to create excitement at your party. We offer the best MCs/DJs in the business when it comes to interacting with your guests. Watch your guest get involved! Watch the dance floor fill! This type of energy doesn’t just happen. It is CREATED in the hands of professional party entertainers who understand the psychology of fun parties. Our people could write texts books on how to create energy at parties. You’ll love the results


There’s not law that says your party has to be either low-key or high energy. It can be something in between. In fact, the best parties are usually balanced. Rocky Mtn Sound knows how to crank up the fun with impeccable timing…and then bring it down to give your guest a breather. The right level of balance for your party is determined in our pre-planning stage with you. This is your party. Everything we do is directed to making your event perfect. You will get the party you want when you call Rocky Mtn Sound.


How could any entertainment company ever leave anything to chance? We plan your event’s details in advance…with you. Nothing is ever left to chance.  Nothing. Timing. Song selections. Themes. They are all in place before your event begins. You have nothing to worry about. Enjoy. Have a great time at your own event. That’s the only way it ever should be. We are committed to your enjoyment as well as your guests’.

     Reliable & Professional

We arrive early, dress appropriately and play your favorite music on state-of-the-art sound systems. Our musical library is second to none! It encompasses the pre-big band era to the 90′s and beyond. Our professional this jockey entertainers know how to break the ice and get your guest up and dancing.  We provide the equipment, the songs and the professionally trained host to guarantee a successful event.

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